STARFEST is a Northwest Iowa Marching Band Competition held on the last Saturday in September.  STARFEST's goal is to create a great field marching competition experience for the participating bands, their supporters and the Siouxland Area marching band fans.

The competition consist of a prelim competition by IHSMA school size classifications and the top 10 high scoring bands compete in a finals contest held at Elwood Olsen Stadium on the campus of Morningside University.  The broad lineup of competing bands is made up of bands from Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota.  

Awards are given at the end of the prelim competition and a finals award ceremony is held following the host band, North High Marching Stars, exhibition perfomance.  Placement and caption recognition awards are given in each class.

Please come and join us for the 25th Annual STARFEST on September 30th, 2023.

For more information or registration questions please contact: Pat Toben, Instrumental Music Director 

Our STARFEST Marching Band Competion is made possible by the dedication and hardwork of our directors, Marching Stars members, student/community volunteers, Sioux City North High Parent Association (North Stars Band, Inc.), and the STARFEST committee.

This event is our largest fundraiser.  It supports our band students. The funds help fund our band ensembles with the cost of fees, instrument repairs and purchasing, related resources, unique opportunities for learning and scholarships to summer music camps. 

For more information on how to volunteer or become a sponsor for this event please contact our STARFEST Committee Chairs, Charlie and Mickey Nelson or the


Charlie and Mickey Nelson, Committee Chairs

Chris and Stacy Vogt, Past Committee Chairs

Maggie Elgert and Jennifer Denne

Cathi Swan

Kaia Downing

Kari Lara

James Travis

Robert and Roxanne Raveling

Kim Hensley

Chris and Amy Myers

Heather Baier and Mark Peterson

Brandon Bunch

Rosa Alcaraz

Natasha Bouwers

Ryan and Gretchen Baller

Michelle Bostinelos

Laura Gruenewald

Anne Kellogg

"Thank-You!" to everyone who made STARFEST a big success including sponsors, donors, participating bands, directors, the North Stars Marching Band members, student/community volunteers and the STARFEST committee members.